Friday, November 27, 2009

A Diet and Psychological Reform, First Day

One of the big promises I'm making with this blog is that I will not bore you, nor dilute the potentially informative content of what will be my blog with the unimportant minutiae of my life. However, I also feel that I need to prove that what I'm attempting to do is both possible and sustainable, and therefore, I'll update you about once a week on how I'm doing thus far.

First of all, something that's somewhat awesome: My favorite iPhone app ever, Lose It!, has now gone online! There's only one problem. As of right now, I can't link to or share the data. The only way I can do that is to add someone as a friend. I like Lose It! because it's much more convenient and quick than FitDay, but I'd really, really like to see this feature implemented.

Not much happened today. Was going to do sprints in the morning, but got caught up enough in late Black Friday madness that I didn't. No worries. I'll hit weights tomorrow afternoon.

Despite last night's Thanksgiving dietary massacre, my gut actually didn't feel horrible today. That's a bit odd. It's 7:30pm here now and hunger is starting to set in. I really don't care.

Didn't get my meditation in this morning either, but will definitely do it before I hit the bed. More on that and another AP exercise coming tomorrow.

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